Let me present you one of my latest illustration projects, 50 aquarelle paintings for a book of Itcho Pčelár, titled Sofie.


The book reveals us a story of young girl named Sofie from the moment when she decides to run away from orphanage where she has been living all her life, to start a journey in order to search for a “City under the stars“. She hopes very much that this place could reveal her some more information about her parents, who are unknown to her.

On her way she runs into a young man Alex, who will decide to accompany her. Together they follow the signs and little indications towards the city full of mystery.

After many adventures they meet a very nice old man who knows something more about the place which they are looking for!

Thanks to him, Sofie reveals her secret, her ability to see the “veils“ which cover the most of the people from their heads to toes. Their colour changes depending on the actual emotions and feelings of a concreate person.

But for what can it be useful to have this special skill? Does she find a response? Are all the stories about the “City under the stars“ even real? Will they find it at last?


This little book of dimensions 16x16 cm, hides maybe the answers on its 108 pages!


Books available for purchase over HERE (only in Slovak)

If you like the illustrations, you can buy a selection of them as Fine Art Prints


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