In 2012 I got interested in a possibillity to cooperate on part of the Master project of Zhanel Akhmetova, from the ZHdK music department.

We met, talked it through, got very much excited about each others visions and started to develop the project together.


My task was to illustrate the musical version of a very well known story for childeren „Babar, the little elephant“. I haven´t looked on any already existing illustrations on purpose, to be able to create something very different, based only on my own ipressions from the text and music.

While she was wonderfully performing on stage on a piano, my drawings were projected on a big canvas aside and were accompanied by Christin Brod-

beck´s reading of the story.

We got the most heartwarming reactions of many children at one of the primary schools, where we performed, as well as on the Master presentation, which was the greatest reward we could have recieved.


Below, you can see our setting and some of the 51 illustrations. All of them were drawn with ink on paper.